The Letter to His Imperial Highness, Mr. Reza Pahlavi

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The Letter to His Imperial Highness, Mr. Reza Pahlavi
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سپتامبر 28, 2018

His Imperial Highness, Mr. Reza Pahlavi,

I write to you on behalf of our fellow countrymen and in the interest of Iran as a whole. As you are well aware, the people of Iran are searching for leadership and support from abroad. The people of Iran are extremely concerned about the ramifications of revolting against the current regime, known for their brutality and totalitarian rule. The uncertainty and fear that the people have for their futures and safety, has become an important issue, and one we are seeking to address in order to clear the roadblocks to a democratic future.

Iran is very much in need of truly free elections, and we have created a website ( in order to foster support for this idea and facilitate these elections becoming a reality. We are proposing to elect one representative from each state in Iran, and the five statesmen that receive the most votes and support, will form a newly and democratically elected council. This new leadership will shape the future of Iran through these ‘winds of change’ with a referendum that is true to the will of the people.

Our goal is to unite all Iranians, despite their ideological or religious differences, and demonstrate that we can bring about the end of this regime while instilling confidence and hope in a free and democratic future for all. We seek to show the people that their elected leaders do have a plan for life after the regime, and that our website can be the platform for this dialogue and a catalyst for change.

Together with my team, we have created this website with the tools needed to facilitate these elections and conversations. The website went live on Friday, September 20th asking the people to vote on whether or not they were in favor of such an approach. The site was immediately attacked by the regime’s cyber team, to no avail.

Our team of intelligent and passionate IT professionals, are dedicated to the success of this site and the ideas that live within it. The site is currently blacklisted in Iran as they understand the danger to the regime and efficacy of a freely elected council.

your endorsement and involvement in our efforts in any way, would be a tremendous boost and signal to the Iranian people, both home and abroad. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss our plans and thoughts with you in greater detail.

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